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Asyra Bio-Energetic Screening Practitioner


What is Asyra Pro Bio-Energetic health screening?

·    It is health screening in a painless, quick and effective way to find out how your body is functioning.

·    It allows us to monitor nutritional levels, hormones, toxins and the overall energetic health of 40 organs.

·    Energy medicine assists healing on every level; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and restores your body to        natural equilibrium.

How does it work?

·     Two brass rods are held in the hands and the Asyra Pro runs a standard “energetic assessment” of 40 major       organ systems.

·    Then it records the body’s energetic response to various substances and compares the results against a          comprehensive database of tens of thousands of items to assess what the body needs.  This assists promoting better health and helps to restore equilibrium.


 What information does it gather?

·     The screening will show which organs are currently stressed or weakened.

·    It provides information on vitamin and mineral requirements and can also show food sensitivities.

·    When it shows food and environmental sensitivities, it can potentially de-sensitise the body using imprinted homeopathic remedies.

·    It also shows toxicity in the body, which could indicate how well your liver is functioning (as it is a major detoxification organ).

It is beneficial in helping patients experiencing symptoms asociated with:


  Food Sensitivities & Allergies                           Asthma                                        IBS

  Toxicity & Intolerances                                    Migraine                                      Digestive Issues

  Depression, Stress & Anxiety                           Arthritis                                        Nutritional Deficiencies

  Hormonal Imbalances (PMS & Menopause)      Autism                                         Skin Problems

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Bush Flower Essences

I am a Bush flower practitioner and have found flower essences beneficial as they can be helpful in dealing with mental/emotional isssues, especially where anxiety and stress are contributory. The essences are made from a variety of plants including trees and flowers. They are an excellent and gentle way to manage your emotions and help you get back into a positive frame of mind. They are ideally suited to help when you just don’t feel quite right, and as they help you back to good emotional health so your physical health improves. They are safe and easy to use having no side effects and are safe to use during and after pregnancy. They are complimentary to homeopathy.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a system of healing that relaxes, heals and gives a feeling of well- being that melts away the everyday stress and tension that so many of us feel in today’s hectic life style. It leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to meet life’s challenges with a new vibrancy.Treatments are carried out fully clothed and usually on a couch. The gentle laying on of hands channels the healing energy enabling your body to clear any blockages and for healing to take place. The sessions start with an informal talk which is then followed by Reiki treatment and the third part is to share feedback from the healing session.

Ear Candling
The ear candling treatment is a relaxing one and the patients only concern is lying fairly still, in a comfortable position whilst the hopi ear candle is gently inserted into their ear. Some of the symptoms associated with tinnitus, sinusitis, glue ear and excess ear wax may benefit from this treatment.

No contraindications are known to date but as a precaution it is advisable not to use Hopi candle if there are grommets in place or if there is inflammation or infection in the ear.


Himalayan Salt 

I stock Himalyan salt which by using it in cooking or bathing, the body gets 84 of the natural elements needed by it.There are many health benefits to be gained by using salt such as helping with blood circulation, hydrating the skin, increasing moisture retention, helping to heal dry and irritated skin (so good for eczema), reducing inflammation of the muscles and joints and relaxing muscles so promoting restful sleep.  07941 439237